Premium Landscape Services in Northeast Ohio

A beautiful landscape is the touchstone of a magnificent property. It can guide you up and to a building, framing it perfectly for whatever need it serves. Behind all of this is a comprehensive design, and expert execution. Blossom Earthworks has the skills you need to elevate your property.

A corporate office isn’t just a place for work, it’s the home of innovation, and of socialization. The right landscaping and gardening can send the message of power and of leadership. It’s not something that comes to be without a background in design. That’s where our team at Blossom Earthworks comes in, to give expert guidance to help you communicate the right message. With over a decade of experience, we can design the perfect expression of the atmosphere you want.

When the design is set, for a business, a private residence, or an apartment complex, then the hands-on work begins. With state-of-the-art tools and years of experience under our belt, showing up to do the work is where we shine. Taking your mockups and designs into the real world is our specialty, and Blossom Earthworks offers a truly premium experience. We take into account aspects like functionality, aesthetics, and accessibility. This ensures that the final product doesn’t just look good, but also is a useful and functional outdoor space.

Our designs extend far beyond planting trees and trimming hedges. At Blossom Earthworks, we build custom outdoor furniture, lay gravel, and pave pathways. We do much more than just turn a blank canvas into a work of art. Let us take your wild and full landscape and turn it into an orderly and lush garden. If a tree is in the way, we can haul it out. If you want a custom hardscape, we can build it. From the inception of an idea until completion, and the continued maintenance, we are there.

Types Of Services

  • Tree removal
  • Planting shrubbery
  • Gravel laying
  • Paving
  • Masonry
  • Lawn maintenance

Our Commitment To Quality

At Blossom Earthworks, we are committed to quality, every step of the way. From quality customer service to high-quality materials. Trust in us that you’re receiving nothing less than the best. When it comes time to design your perfect outdoor experience, call us at (216)-633-1669 and book your consultation. 

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