Hardscaping Versus Softscaping: What’s The Difference?

Technical Lingo Worth Knowing

Building a better landscape doesn’t need to be complicated! Whether it be a private home, a residential apartment building, or a commercial business, good design is the key to perfecting your outdoor spaces. Blossom Earthworks, and its experts in landscape design, installation, and maintenance, are here to help. All that you need to bring to the table is a vision.

Lots of phrases can get tossed around in a design meeting, and it’s in your best interest to know them. Being able to define keywords and phrases will help you synthesize your vision and translate it to Blossom Earthworks’ team of designers. One of the broadest and the most essential sets of terms are “hardscaping” and “softscaping”.




Picture a neatly manicured lawn. On the property, a stand of trees, primly pruned. Hedges and fruit trees, groundcovers and lawns. These all make up the scope of softscaping. Every living thing in your landscape is part of the softscaping, and it represents the more flexible portion of your overall design.

Softscaping is a great way to play with the decorations on your lawn. Every season you can reseed, retrim, and reset. You can seed a new lawn, pull up bushes, and redesign your property’s aesthetic. It’s the equivalent of a fresh coat of paint giving new life to a living room.
That doesn’t mean it’s not a little bit more work than hardscaping. A good lawn is like a good haircut; it needs some upkeep to keep it looking sharp and intentional. Luckily, in addition to design and installation, Blossom Earthworks’ premium lawn care service will do just that. Call now or come by the office to get a quote!


Hardscaping is the second half of landscape design. Physical installations allow you to traverse, or enjoy your lawn. If you think a water feature would do wonders to center your corporate office’s approach, or if you think a gazebo and a gravel pathway will allow you a beautiful vantage of your acreage, Blossom Earthworks can create it for you.

Besides the cohesiveness that hardscape features lend to a property, the best part about them is their durability and ease of maintenance. Outside of a powerwash every now and again, a well-installed feature will last with minimal upkeep for many years.

Now You Know!

And now you’re ready! Articulate your vision to Blossom Earthworks’ lawn care experts, and begin down the path of excellent landscape design. Call now or come by the office for a friendly chat. We are happy to help.
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